Daniel Porter



The Need

Daniel’s Organizing Director wanted to be able to see how many volunteers they had in each category, grouped by organizer. Additionally, the campaign wanted organizers to easily be able to see who these volunteers were, their contact information, and the shift they’re next signed up for. 

The Solution

Daniel developed a robust system for managing volunteer data using a custom-built spreadsheet that dynamically updated through AppsScript, which extracted data from scheduled VAN reports. This sheet used a categorization system that classified volunteers into distinct groups based on their engagement levels, streamlining volunteer management for each organizer and the entire district and providing comprehensive insights through detailed counts for each turf and the district as a whole.

The Outcome

The successful implementation of Daniel’s VolunTier Tracker marked a significant advancement in the campaign’s volunteer management. This tool not only streamlined volunteer tracking, but also efficiently managed the growing number of unturfed volunteers within the district. This tracker proved exceptionally valuable for organizers by providing a straightforward view of volunteer status without the complexity of navigating through VAN.